Helicopter free-gen, Helicopter staircase concept, Hadouken

Yay tricks!

Just the stuff caught on film the last few weeks.  Have you ever even TRIED a free-gen from a helicopter?  Freaking impossible.

Also, I like this silly rule every once-in-a-while. 
NEGATIVE COMMENTS ONLY!  Criticism is very important to grow, and I want to only hear the things that need improvement.
And please, keep the criticism somewhat pertaining to yo-yos…


Um put on a shirt.

i cant think of negative

Lol is that a tattoo of a hello my name is sticker?


you were drunk when you got those tats weren’t you



Ah street fighter and the many Hadoken parodies…

Is that a pocket change?

Yes, It is a pocket change. And that little white cat at the end was like “What just happened?”

We all know you think you’re hot but… :stuck_out_tongue:

Stop being so good?

None of ya’ can’t appreciate some shirtless yoyoing :stuck_out_tongue:

Constructive… constructive…

this is hard…

um… i think a little more control could help a tad?