New Tutorial! Swordless Ninja!


A new tutorial, my mom let me put all my tutorials on her youtube!!! :smiley: The audioswap is in progress!

Tell me what you think!

(M²) #2

ok, i think the asian hops actually make it worse. It’s just my personal opinion, but it seems like when you throw in a trick that someone else made up at the beggening or end, instead of calling it a combo, you lose versatility. But other than that it was a good trick.


That was a cool trick! But, just like M2 said, ditch the asian pops. Your tutorials are great! They are well put together! ;D


Ok, thanks. I’ll make a new tutorial for it (as soon as I can), and will leave out the pops! Thanks again! :wink:


Awesome tutorial


That was awesome! Keep up the good work!

(Owen) #7

Great Necro!

Keep it up!