Snacks Yoyo Video

Hey everyone, this is my new video.  These are a few concepts I have had and built up over the past week or so.  I am finally throwing a proper breakaway instead of only throwing front style! Please give me some input on these new tricks I built.  Good or bad helps! Thanks!

Also, Please watch in 1080p HD. The quality improves a ton!

AWESOME VID DUDE!!! really good. How do u do that trick at :50? i cant figure it out

Well the beginning “pops” is a trick called Asian Pops. There are some great tutorials on youtube! Its pretty much doing exactly what it looks like. Its awkward to learn but once you get it its quick and you wont loose it! Thanks!

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You were at Ohio State weren’t you. haha I saw you!

great vid!!!

I was! It was a blast! Who is this by chance?

Gabe Lueck.

Awesome video. :slight_smile:


great video