Asian pop variation/trapeze pop?

I was messing around with Asian pops today and I tried “popping” the yoyo off and instead of catching it in the normal mount I popped it all the way off, releasing the mount and landing in a trapeze. I also did the same thing straight from a trapeze. Are either of these already established tricks already or did I invent something new? If anyone knows of these or have done them could you post a link to a video so I can confirm that it’s what I’m talking about because I’d like to think I invented something new lol but I guess I’m considered a “noob” still so I might just be uneducated. I don’t have means of posting a video of it, sorry!


look at the dv888 video, joe wilson does that variation sometimes

Sorry but I didn’t see that anywhere. I might have just missed it, any other examples, promos, videos, tutorials, etc… Anybody else know what I’m talking about or if they’ve seen this done before?

guess i was thinking of another video xD

i know ive seen it somewhere :confused:

It’s all good haha! Thought I came up with something new! It seems like almost everything has been done in some form or another

I think Luo Yi Cheng did what you’re talking about in his Worlds routine this year.

He does it at the end, only behind the back, lol.

WOW, i could barely make out what he was doing at that part. …and haha at only doing it behind the back!