Help an Asian who can't pop? (Asian pops help?)

Erm… How do you do Asian pops with a trapeze only? The tutorials only show it being done with a double or nothing :frowning:

can you link this tutorial you speak of?

the motion is the exact same as with the double or nothing, the only difference is that you dont have that extra wrap around your finger. May be a bit harder as the string will be longer = harder to control. I would suggest just trying to learn it with the double or nothing and then try trapeze when you’ve got it down.

Haven’t seen you in a while IC!! How ya been?

What I do is try for a lindy loop, miss it on purpose, and then shoot it out. If it lands then I still shoot it out and after all that land it back on the trapeze and do the same motion. If you miss the trapeze then keep shooting. This vid helped me:

Haha, I know. I haven’t been on in SO long. Dunno why, just never seemed to have time. lol. Things are going well though. Exams coming up soon though. :stuck_out_tongue: