Heelys for Adults

So glad they started making these!


None for me. I don’t know I would be able to actually tell the ER staff “well, you see, I decided it would be a good idea to go rolling down the street on my adult heelys…”


I expected this to be that thread that everyone keeps changing the title.


I had to do a search for heels. Never seen them called that before.

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Heelys is the brand name.

I have fond memories of using my double-wheeled heelys when I was younger. The only problem was that people in department and grocery stores would tell me to stop rolling around. Best place to roll around are airports though (the entire place is just slick floor).


I wear them in any big box store. They are great for that! I’ve only been asked to stop a couple of times. I think everyone was more sensitive when they were more popular. They’re more of a novelty again, and everyone has forgotten the “rules”.

Are these easier to ride than skates? I have skates, but when you hit 60 stability becomes more of an issue. :slight_smile:

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They are much easier than skates, as you can just put you toes down to be back on solid ground. They might be trickier than skates over hilly and/or rough ground.

They are best and easiest on a flat, smooth surface.

I’ve busted my you know what almost exclusively when there are bumps or grooves in the surface.

They are awesome in my building; which is 10,000sf. They even work well on the areas that are low pile commercial carpet.