Hectic Vs Dv888

Which one spins longer? Faster more stable? Give other reasons please

Don’t have a DV888, but love my Hectic. Spins long enough as any decent yoyo will with a decent throw.

You’re again trying to find answers to questions that aren’t going to help you.

Work on your throw. Then any yoyo will be stable and long spinning.

I’ve been playing inexpensive Magic YoYos lately, and I find those to be very stable and long spinning. I’ve been playing my CLYW’s and One Drops and I find those to be long spinning and very stable. I’ve been playing my cheap plastics and I find them to be stable and long spinning although somework better for me than others due to their shapes and condition of their bearings.(some need to have their bearings cleaned!).

At first, I had the same problems. Working on my throw was a cheap method of making my life a lot easier in regards to the yoyo.

Oh it’s cause someone wants to trade for a dv888 but I looked and found that hectic is not better

It’s all a matter of preferences.

I know people who HATE the dv888 with the red-hot fire of a thousand exploding stars. Yet, I like it.
I know people who dislike some other yoyos I have, yet these are yoyos I like a lot.

Some people dislike CLYW or One Drop. Some people hate YYF. Haters gonna hate.

It comes down to preferences. What may suck for someone else might be awesome for you. Or it might suck. That’s the risk of buying yoyo. When you get a collection going, you can start figuring out what works best/better for you than others. For me, no yoyo I have is useless, as each serve a purpose and function. Some I like less than others, but none I want to let go of either.

Thx for the help