Hectic, Frantic, Dv888

There all the same price, im just looking for the best unresponsive yoyo out of those. can you help me out?

There is no best. It is preference.

If you’re looking for something very normal and average in feel (not in play), get a Dv888.

If you want a more angular yoyo, that plays amazingly also, try the Hectic.

And if you’re willing to try something totally new, get the Frantic.

They all play amazing. No other will play better than the other, it depends on what you like.

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I love my dv888 its super smooth and it has a really nice feel in the hand i got a black with purple splash on one half and a black with red splash on the other!!!

Its all preference, I have a dv888 and I love it because it fits in my hand it is very smooth, if your looking for something different like paolo said, I say go for the frantic or hectic, I also like the dv88 because it has a nice gap, and it everything you would expect from a great yoyo :wink:

the best unresponsiv???

They are all unresponsive. I would just pick one that has a color you like, or a shape that appeals to your eyes. They are all awesome.

I agree with Gm User, its all preference.

hectic, unresponsive and incredibly long sleep times

                                            lego z

They’re all great, so just go with which shape is most appealing to you. In my opinion, however, the Hectic is amazing. It’s different from any production yoyo out there and mine is dead smooth. Spins forever.

I also noticed this other yoyo website called onedropyoyos.com and i was wondering if those yoyos are any good?

i agree,
This is what i tell other yoyoers, and they still insist that i decide for them.