Heavier Fixed axle?

(UmeNagisa) #1

So, I’ve been having a blast with fixed axles lately.
My issue is, that they’re all so light feeling!
What are some nice heavier fixed axles?

also! I like them to return rather easily. The Baldwin i have, it feels like…
It doesn’t return, smoothly. like I really have to pull, and jerk it.
The Irving Pro is very nice, but a tad uncomfortable.


The problem with wood is that “it is what it is” for the most part. Different woods have different densities, and hence different weights. Getting the cost “about right” is a major concern as well. I do feel that they are light, like with the TMBR’s, but once they are in play, they feel really good.

As far as returns, you really have to manage your string tension with fixed axles, keeping them on the tighter side of things. Also the newer YYE 100% Cotton Type 10 string really helps a lot too in regards to the responsiveness. I’m debating putting flowable in the response holes to see if that would make a difference, but I’m too lazy yo do it.


The “EH” is satisfyingly heavy, but also pretty expensive.

For your Baldwin, take it all apart, and unscrew the threaded axle from the wooden axle (ie. remove the wooden part; it won’t seem like it’ll come off at first, but it will!).

Using some sandpaper, PATIENCE, and a flat surface, sand it down a hair. Re-assemble and voila, smaller gap for more responsiveness.

(Waylon) #4

Or you could try a Duncan friction sticker. I use them in almost all of my wood throws.

Of all the woods I’ve thrown, the Fremont plays the heaviest. It’s narrower and larger diameter than the Baldwin, making the weight more rim oriented. By far my favorite fixed axle for that reason alone.