Just another version of a heart trick! enjoy!

dude i love all your tricks you are very creative! If i could make one suggestion, you should try making longer tricks and put them into a combo.

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that is the one the best comments i’ve had! thanks! i’ll keep that in mind.

Great trick, like all your other ones ;D. At first I didn’t even see the heart :-[, but then i got it.

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Dyladon, you are those people who are very creative and trick-ative. I really like your videos! ;D

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thanks guys! i try to be as creative as possibe

WOW now i know 3 ways to do a heart ;D

yep i got another one on my youtube channel aswell

I think I know how I’m going to impress the girl I like…

Good tutorial. Now I have another way to get into a heart. :slight_smile:

Is it Chloe Moretz? :stuck_out_tongue:



LOL I bet it will work.

What a cool trick! I’m going to try learning this. :smiley:

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