Paper Heart

Just a really quick vid showing some tricks. The Offstring part was just to make the video longer. LOL

Ok, here it is:

Watch in HD!

I really liked your video! A small tidbit of advice, the slack at around 0:18 could of been smoother. But overall I enjoyed the whole video!

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Thanks man.

Yeah, the slack part was kind of challenging for me. LOL

nice vid vivo!
When are you getting your phenomizm?

I gotta admit Vivo, You got talent.

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Nah, probably not getting one…

Nah, you’re too nice. You’re making me blush. LOL. Thanks man.

Wow that was my favorite video in a long time! my favorite part was where you see the tree silhouette and a small circle pops into the air. How do you do boomerang? whenever I do I cut through my skin with rope burns.

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It’s really unexplainable, but you just have to figure out a way to get the Boomerang mount in to your arm. The bounce part will take extreme amount of practice.

I really enjoyed watching your vid. Yeah, the slack part looked…awkward. But, otherwise it was great! :slight_smile:

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i can do eli hops but boomerang just cuts you. I wore a band aid to protect my finger and it burnt through the band aid.

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Great stuff.

Where was this filmed?

Thanks Josh. ;D

I filmed this at Marjorie H. Tobias Elementary. (My brother’s school.)