TRY THIS TRICK! is a monthly trick tutorial! Videos will be released at every end of the month for 2013. Feel free to PM me for tutorial request, but I will only make videos of MY tricks, I dont feel right to teach other people’s signature trick. But for tricks that are really really general, I will consider them.

January’s tutorial:

Thank you!


That was great! Not only a good trick, but a very easy to follow tutorial. Not that I can land it. Yet. But the camera angles and breakdown were perfect.

Nice and easy!;3

Yes, very easy to follow, and Ive always liked the POV angle

Very very good tutorial but I allready learned this trick by looking at your spinworkx contest video entry a while ago, haha. Glad to know I got the trick right. Perfect angles too.

I am extreamly excited that you will be doing tutorials though, I am definitly looking forward to watchig them.

oh thank you for the comments! I have a few more tutorial I made in the past to share! Here you go:

Pacman’s Rebirth

String Rejection Tower (one of my favourites)

Laceracide (one of my favourites too!)

And lastly, laceration to heart, my oldest tutorial

Nice. I feel you were keeping the text up for too long, though.

Right down my street. Thanks. Keep up the good work !


Very nice, kinda like a fakey suicide. Would be very nice to practice the loop catching as well.

Keep it up! :slight_smile: