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(Chris Allen) #1

The new version of the Plastic Grind Machine (Affectionately referred to as the Chinese Grind Machine) has replaced its predecessor with a 10 dollar cheaper price tag. The question looms on many peoples minds, what all has changed? I don’t usually write a whole new review for a small version change, but this change has alot of people wondering…. What is the difference?
I have previously reviewed the YoYoFactory Grind Machine in a head to head with the YoYoJam Legacy. This time, I am taking the new version of the PGM, and pitting it against the old version.
Head to Head - PGM vs PGMv2

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i say the newer the better, but also it really is proved the pgmv2 is better


What did you mean by hitting the shelves of Wal-Mart and Target?
Is it literally going to be sold at those stores? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Yo!It'sMatt) #4

Yup toysrus and everything.



(Chris Allen) #6

This is the new packaging, I was saying that it is nice enough to be on the shelf at a big box retailer
I don’t know if YoYofactory is going to be selling to these retailers, I am saying that the yoyo packaging is good enough that they could


Oh, darn, I was hoping I could pick one up.

(Jesse) #8

I just got a PGM v.2 in a trade and it came with the box. He said that it was the original box. Then when we saw the packaging for them at the YoyoClub he said that it didn’t come in that.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #9

“This yo-yo is now ready to hit the shelves at Toys r Us, Target, and other boutiques.”

(Chris Allen) #10

There were some that came in a green yyf “tv” box


Let us have dryoyo confirm that its going in stores. I thought he meant that the way its packaged means that it could be in stores very easily.

(Chris Allen) #12

Scroll up Samad