HBYC 1A champion has made history

First of all, HUGE congrats to Ma Yi of C3 yoyo design for winning HBYC this past week.

I want to point out something very special here that some may not have noticed firsthand.

Ma Yi won this contest, beating out some pretty great players, using a very large percentage of tricks that DO NOT LAND ON A STRING.

Keep in mind that this is a very revolutionary accomplishment.

Long has it been stated that in order to win contest, you need lots of “string hits”. This is not always the case, but many would say that it is a huge part of being able to win a contest.

I think this freestyle proves that there is more to winning a contest than string tricks, and originality can indeed win out over all.

Very special moment in yoyo history, and I hope many can see this.




That was a great performance. Thanks for posting.

To be honest that freestyle was kinda sloppy and his style is way to all over the place if you understand what I mean. Its like sporadic to me. Way too much movement of his whole body when doing tricks makes it not look smooth to me. I did like the last trick though and congrats to him winning but must have not too stiff of competition. Again this is just my opinion.

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That was amazing, thanks for sharing!

I have to pretty much agree. The first half of the performance wasn’t all that impressive to me and the style/fluidity wasn’t what I’m used to seeing from winning performances. The last little but was insane even though his body was all over the place. The last part was very sloppy looking but also very impressive at the same time.

I too wonder what the competitions’ performances looking like.

Congrats none the less!