hayabusa sl or hayabusa

hey guys i just broke my busa sl and i was wondering if i should buy another busa sl or buy the original hayabusa ???.thanks

Fiesta ROCKS!!!

i dont know about you but if one of my yoyos broke i wouldnt buy one again
unless i broke because i was doing some thing crazy or it was just extramly awesome
i would go with the fiesta anyway it is bigger and easier to catch

i had it for almost a year and i was trying to pop out the cap with nail and i broke it :-[


Just got a Fiesta myself and it’s on the way. I looked at the Hyabusas today and it looks like they have the same crappy friction stickers that they have on the Mosquito. I think its time to update to a quality YoYoJam or YoYoFactory product.

They don’t have friction stickers they have triads. The busa was a great yo-yo didn’t feel cheap at all. I decided I’m going to buy both but not at the same time. I already ordered the Fiesta so I was wondering if i should get the Hayabusa or the Hayabusa sl. Thanks. ;D

bump ;D

ive got both, prefer the fiesta.
Its bigger, smoother, and just better

i know ive had both to but now im asking if i should get the hayabusa sl or the hayabusa

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fiesta, bigger, more durable


I’d say sl because I think the made it like an improvement version and i also like the weight. :slight_smile: