Having a problem

I got a dv88 for my B-day and it just won’t spin for long periods of time. It came with a responsive and unresponsive bearing. I have the unresponsive bearing on it, but it catches soooooooo much slack and I can’t even get it to do a simple green triangle. Any tips and/or pointer would be greatly appreciated.

Did it also come with a longer axle and a set of response pads? If so, you also have to install that along with the larger bearing you already put on it.

I’d also try out the paper slip method of cleaning.

BUT!!! AND I MEAN BUT!!! If it has one of those ball cages that only holds them from one side, insert the paper from the back, and don’t pull it in until it stops, just pull it through enough to clean between the balls!!! I ruined a YYJ Bearing that way, and I noticed that my CT bearing that came with my regen was built that way also, because it was already broken from the factory and when I checked why it wasn’t spinning well, I deshielded it and everything just fell out.

We’ll it only came with 2 bearings and 2 axels. The response pads were already installed.

This is what it came with. A short and long axel. A thin and thick bearing. And two pieces of string (not pictured). But what I think the problem is, that the response pads are to high out of the yoyo. They are raised really high.

Did you see this?
DV888 is Way Too Responsive

But I didn’t get the starter set. I just bought the dv888 but it came with all of this extra stuff

If the DV888 came with an extra bearing, axle, and string then it sounds like you got the starter set.  There should have been a set of response pads with the parts as well.

The basic DV888 doesn’t come with any of the extra parts, unless you ordered them separately, and in that case you may just need to buy a set of CBC Slim Pads to make it completely unresponsive.

Ok but how do I take the response pads out

Just peel them out.

This, also remember to clean out the residue from the response pads. I use Goo Gone to do the work for me.

But I can’t peel them out. The response pads are glued in!

Just peel them out, It’s just some sticky stuff on the back like a sticky note. Take a small knife to pry up one edge and pull them off.

I personally use toothpicks. :slight_smile:

Me too. Those tiny flathead screwdrivers in watch repair kits also work great.

I use both! They both work like a charm. I use toothpicks to get rid of knots tied around the bearing, and I use the flatheads from watch repair kits to remove the response pads and it’s residue after soaking it with Goo Gone.

I ordered some response pads last night.