DV 888 bering

So I started messing with my DV888 again andit was resporsive so i put a bit more thin lube than nessisary and now i can basicly pull the string of the bering. What happened to it!? ???

You lubed the bearing which increases the response of it. Break it in or clean it and it will be unresponsive again.

no its already inresponsive but the bering is to free its hard to explain i put thin lube in

I don’t understand what you are saying and thus also have no idea what the problem is. Would you care to explain the issue you are having in better detail?

What you just explained is rectified by what Mrcnja just explained. Unless you are thinking of the wrong word and confused us all.

ok well my dv 888 bering is spinning very freely and i think it is my o rings now because i just lost them i i was playing without it

So you have no response in the yo-yo at the moment and it doesn’t bind correctly not to mention that you can just pull the string out of the yo-yo even after winding it up by hand. Is all of that correct? If so then you need to put the pads back into the yo-yo. If you have lost them you will need to replace them before you can play with your yo-yo. You can either order new k-pads for your Dv888 or buy silicone at an autoparts store. If you go the silicone route, you have the options of flowable or gasket maker.

k thanks and can you by silli from like a home depot or lowes type store