Have you ever gotten a direct sale from a yoyo maker?

Have you and if so from whom?


Umm… YYF a couple years ago would put limited edition stuff on their website, so I got a black Jason Lee 888 from there.

Uhh… I ordered a G&E4 from H- Spin when they were released but never received it.

Hmm… Its possible to get yoyos from lots of manufacturers but I cant remember if I have from others.

Thats Awesome I CLWY for a Narwhal but they wouldnt give so oh well i will have to camp at my computer for an hour before it releases haha.

Yeah it’s only certain yoyo’s with certain companies.

Yes I have. YYF, Cruical, Madhouse, Clyw, and Recrev,

The day I bought my Hatrick from Ernie, he drove to my house and we hung out a little bit.

I’ve bought a Dv888 from Ben (which I gave to my brother) and a Cream from Paul.

was that the first run?

Nope. Bad-Arse edition Hatrick. Only 12 were made, and there is only 1 Hatrick that has my colorway. It’s obviously the one I own, lol. Picture below.

Doesn’t Landon from 3Yo!3 do a lot of direct sales on his website?

Yup! You can customize your order as well (bearing size, color).

Only yoyo I have purchased directly is the Dingo from One Drop.

I once bought a fhz from Hank Freeman in their world tour

Nice man that thing is awesome!