Haters gonna hate - 5ADD Practice session

New favorite vid for sure. I absolutely love it. :smiley:

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I cant even do 5a! Nice job!

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That is thoroughly intense…

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One word SWAG

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thanks for all the nice words, I’m so glad yall like it ^^

sorry again for the tricks clumsyness

should I go ahead and do another later on ? maybe with better/more yoyoing ?
say this was the “pilot”

Definitely go ahead and do some more DD videos. I’m still pretty new to 5A and I’m starting my DD journey today. I just need a setup with lighter cw’s than 2 Duncan dice. Also, I saw a post on another forum where you’re asking about this style and I’d encourage you to make tutorials as you go along so we can learn it as well. This would greatly help me because of my minor experience in 5A at the time.


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I very much enjoy your videos, with this being the new top I believe! Keep it up! 5A is definitely very fun.

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If you want to learn my first 5ADD trick “tour de france”, go and check out the “mediapocalypse” video, it’s not a tutorial but the trick is easy to figure out from there.

at first I wanted to get into DD, but there’s not really any resource out there to learn double dice, aside from a few old DD vids, Save deth DVDs, where things don’t go that fast so you can figure a few out. Of course Iskandar Shah is also an inspiration.

But the thing with 5A and DD in particular is that the style can now take any direction, it’s still very marginal and 5A players in general are very different from one another (at the exception, maybe, of many japanese/asian players in competition, but that’s my opinion, for what it’s worth), the styles, the tricks.

we have a common base, which is all the tutorials on YYE and here and there, but these tutorials only go over the very basics of 5A, going back to the early 2000s when Steve Brown just introduced it (I think it was in the late 90s actually).

My opinion is that those tricks, while really important, have lived and 5A in general is bound to evolve more, Double dice being only an aspect of it.

Back on double dice, I wanted to do it for a long time, but it’s only recently that I really had the chance to get into it, but everything’s left to be discovered, general principles, basic mounts and moves, and this takes alot of time out of practicing, grinding and smooth things out. Because for one mount or move you figure out, there’s 10 others you spent your time on for nothing (not really nothing because some of them might become useful later down the road).

sometimes in 1A, you see tricks and you think “this is impossible” but as you see it done, you know if you work hard, you’ll eventually get it.
it’s not the case in DD or other “marginal” styles, because you only have so many vids out there, very different from one another and most of the time, you don’t really figure out what’s going on, so you get an idea out of nowhere, and you first have to figure out whether or not it’s possible, which means, grind it out for hours, days etc…

the very first move I do, when I send both CWs over the non throw hand then have em wrap around my wrist, catch the small one and letting the middle one hanging. in the vid I catch it right away, but in reality, I’m still figuring out how to do it so I can catch it all the time, I’m not sure it’s possible, I think it is, but once I figure it out, I won’t be sure. and if it’s not possible or if I can’t make it happen, I’ll have to let the whole trick go and move on to something else.

same goes for the new exit for that same trick (not showned as I figured it out only yesterday), right now it goes around the elbow and I’m trying to do some 3D stuff with the CW which ends in some sort of ladder-ish mount, I know I can get it right, it looks really cool, but then, I’m with that new intricate mount and I have no idea what to do with it.

So double dice is a lot of fun, no doubt, but it’s a heavy grind. Thankfully it’s polyvalent enough so you can just play single dice with two CWs, just to have the opportunity to do DD if you fancy so that’s where I’m heading for now, but I’ll definitely put something together about DD basics at some points, but first I’ll have to figure it out myself.

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Thank you! I will check out your trick. I think that the lack of tutorials and exposure to DD makes it difficult to get into, but it also adds to the appeal. I don’t feel anywhere close to “everythings been done in DD” like some other styles. I know that no style is maxed out to it’s fullest potential but this is even more true in DD 5a. What is your recommended setup of CW’s for DD? I’m planning on ordering some gaming 12 sided dice for the fixed CW and maybe a slightly undersized 6 sided die for the slider. I will still have to drill holes in them as well. For the time being, I’m just using a yellow Duncan ball for the fixed, and a Duncan die for the slider, but this setup is WAY too heavy!(it’s all I got though)

exactly but it also made me realize how much of a difference it makes when you can just go on and learn the basics of a given style, even right now, I pretty much have no clue on what to do to “build” tricks and I have only like a couple or three basic elements to work from, without even knowing if it could go anywhere.

about the setup, I have gaming dices of a range from 6 to 8/9 grams for the fixed CW and regular duncan type CW for the slider, it’s still nice for the standard 5A stuff and it works great for slider tricks. the fixed CW being much smaller/lighter, it can be tricky to catch when moving around by itself.

definitely get yourself copies of Vol 1&2 of save deth DVDs if you have the chance, and also check out that “drive” vid from david mellons.

iskandar shah stuff is usually fast and technical so to me, it’s a little bit too much to figure out on my own, but it’s definitely worth watching.

the thing is, and I noticed it also with regular 5A, people who are already good in 1A seem to have an easier time getting around the general 5A motion, it might also be true with DD

it’s frustrating to see that despite the time put it, I’m not even close to the most basic DD I’ve seen around, but well… what more can I do to work on it and hopefully it’ll come together at some point in the future. But I’m falling behind in 1A all while my 5A really doesn’t look that good yet. And I’m definitely too far behind in 1A (or too committed to 5A) to get back to it.

plus, double dice 5A definitely has no tension issues whatsoever, if you happen to get some tension from regular 5A stuff, just hold the slider and let the fixed CW hang for a second or so and the tension’s gone.