5A double dice, some guide or pointers ?

Hi, title says it all, I’m going double dice, see how it goes, I’m trying to figure some stuff out on my own, but if any of you would have guidelines or even tutorials, I’ll appreciate, I only find 2 tutos so far for VERY basic mount.

anyway, if you have some resource for 5A double dice, I’ll appreciate it ^^


its like imposhible to find any double dice tuts… it seems there are lots of mach mounts you do in it.

that video is amazing I’m loving double dice!!!

check out the interview (in english) of Iskandar Shah we just did ^^

only thing i could tell you is to keep a good flow with it, so the sliding dice doesnt fall in to the yoyo

yum. burning ano

I’ve been using an icecube as my second dice and it really doesn’t hurt the yo…cause i was having that problem

I sometimes throw a yoyo, and rub it against another yoyo just to get that smell,thank you very much.

I love messing around with the doubled cw. Hard though

I’ve been dabbling in Astro a little over the past few years and it is pretty difficult at first. To get more inspiration watch Save Deth Vol. 1 and there’s a bit of it on there. Also, look for older Tyler Severance videos, he did a good bit back in the day, he’s also on the Save Deth vid doing Astro.

I own both save deth vids, actually ^^

I love this video

me too, I actually featured it on my website a few weeks ago

but as said above, for DD, Save Deth videos are where it’s at

I would say, just start with a sliding counterweight, then move to DD. DD is kinda’ like advanced 5A, once you are delving into it, you are unlikly to need or want tutorials. which is why I think you see so few.

that’s what I’m going for actually, I’m getting better at 5A as it is now and I’m having fun, the more I do 5A the more I realize I’m not going DD anytime soon