Any double dice performances?

I’m trying to find some performances of talented players who do double dice tricks but I can’t find any. If you know some please share them.


I have seen a video in the past where a guy was competing at a national championship and he had a double dice setup. I think it was a phillipine championship too. @bjardin do you know maybe what I mean?


Not a performance exactly but Takeshi has some good double dice videos on this channel


How have I never seen this??? This is so cool!


Wow thanks for sharing. Those are the type of videos I’m looking for it doesn’t necessarily have to be a performance on stage.

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DocPop has some content and tutorials. He calls the style “astro.” I have one of his Astro weights but have basically used it like a single weight thus far.


I had one of those but found it to be too awkward to hold. I have the double dice from and a set of small d20s I drilled holes in. Those both work pretty well

Double dice in my experience is mostly just people sharing individual tricks, not really making full videos.

Shuichi Teruya has a ton of really good tricks uploaded if you wanna see some more double dice stuff.

Here’s an actual double dice routine from him though

You probably already found this but this video was what made me want to pick up the style initially. Daigo Komiya also has a bunch of good tricks on his insta.


If you go back and search for Yoyojam Destiny video, I think that is when Takeshi really pull up double dice.
I had one YYJ double weight dice with YYJ Quest back then and it is fun to try tho

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Iskandar Shah is the OG double dice menace !

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Machitako on IG does a lot of Astro and Double Dice

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