Hatchet isn't coming apart!


hey guys I just got my yyo hatchet and there’s a bit of a crisis; it isn’t coming apart!!
pls help quickly!!! :-[ :-[ :-[

(Bína) #2

Just give some strength to it. They are shipped really tight so getting them apart for first time can be little bit rough.


its still not coming apart- what should I do


Does it turn at all? If not, then you just need to turn it harder. If it doesn’t work still then put it in the freezer for 20-25 minutes, remove from freezer, unscrew.


yeah I’ve just put it in the freezer, would things like WD40 work, that’s an oil for loosening hinges in case you didn’t know…

(G2 Jake) #6

Sounds like the bearing posts are just to big. Be careful taking it apart, it might be hard to get the bearing into the correct position again when you reassemble it, causing it to vibe.


any other tips??? ???


I did that
its still not coming apart


btw its playing fine, but eventually i will need it to come apart right?


Try leather gloves or another really grippy glove type and just turn as hard as you can or get someone else to try


I would not reccomend taking apart the hatchet if you dont have to. I had the same issue and I forced it apart and forced the bearing off several times, and now the bearing seat is damaged and uneven so it vibes and pulses spretty significantly. be careful though.