Has there ever been a "your art can be on our next throw!" contest?

I see awesome looking throws like the CLYW Sasquatch and Gnarwhal, the SPYY Ronin and MadHouse Compulsion… And I wonder:

Has there ever been a manufacturer that has done a submission drive/contest that asks for artwork from throwers, and the winning piece gets put onto a limited edition yoyo?

The company sets the rules and parameters, people submit up to a certain date, and either there’s a vote on a forum/Facebook/combination of the two, and the winner has his art tossed onto a throw. Winner gets one to keep, and a small run goes up for sale shortly after.

Heck, this could even be a great charity opportunity: 50 made, 1 to designer, 49 for general release with a percentage of proceeds going to a charity of the winner’s choosing.

Is this idea too gimmicky? Has it happened before? What do you think of it?

With the OD Code 1, the community voted on designs. With the Code 2, they allowed people to submit their own designs and JRod’s design won.

So, artwork seems doable.

I believe he means artwork. If so I think clyw did that with the canvas.

Duncan with the proyo with Oke Rosgana’s art getting to be on the caps.