Has there ever been a time where you almost lost or destroyed your yoyo?

Just two days ago, I accidentally dropped my Skyline off of a two story building onto the tiles below. After I reached it, I was relieved to see that the yoyo didn’t even have a scratch on it! Has something like this ever happened to YOU?

Hmmmm, NO.


I did have my kids attack my RecRev Sharp and do massive damage to it. I was very fortunate that this damage was able to be repaired. It had to be re-tapped and then bent back into alignment. I have no clue what exactly happened.

Well…once my when I was quite young…my babysitter dropped me off of a 2 story building (doubt it was an accident) and I landed on the tile. The yoyo in my pocket wasn’t scratched or anything! After that I pretty much stayed away from babysitters though.

Sure has been a time. It’s called learning 5a

Wacked my Di Base on a granite table when I was throwing a breakaway :stuck_out_tongue:
There is a massive dent in it now.

So, your DiBase is Al Dent-e?

(Sorry, just woke up after a long night!

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Heh. That’s pretty good, Studio42.

I’ve destroyed 4 metal yoyos, and 3 plastic yoyos. I’ve also had half a dozen stolen at clubs and contests - so I guess I can say I have “lost” some.

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I lost one yoyo… Near mint bearing gull peak. :’(

I envy you.

There has never been a situation where my yo-yo’s were “almost” lost/broken. It usually just happens.

I was a my friends time once and i was on the second floor. i was trying 4a with my lyn fury. it fell down and it hit there tile floor. It was really loud and his mom was sitting like 5 feet away doing paper work and she didn’t notice. My lyn fury also still mint some how.

Back when I use to drink I lost my Gnarwhal. I was Lucky anough to find it a couple days later in the back seat of my friends car.

I was releasing the tension in my string and the yoyo came flying off. Took 20 mins to find it.

Doing “Around the World” when a ceiling fan is going is never a good thing.