Has no one tried the glacier express?

I want a glacier express but there are very few reviews. Any thoughts?

Ask Jiggy Fly

He will tell you

just pmed him. Anyone that has played one’s thoughts?


It’s Copper Acid Wash and it’s AWESOME!!

I’m really very happy with this yoyo. Loads of fun, fast, floaty when you need it(but not too much) and just loaded with rim weight, nothing in the center, and then a bump in the middle.

Probably my favorite CLYW right above the Puffin at the moment. Plays very well and very different from all my other yoyos. There is a review by “flyguy” that might aid you in your decision of whether or not to buy one.

I had one for a while. I loved how it played. It was a VERY stable and a great spinnong throw. I was not 100% on the looks of it (I prefer the looks of the CLiff more) at the end of the day I ended up selling mine. That is no indication of the yoyo just that it was not THE yoyo for me. I did enjoy it while I had it though.

any more answers? its like the clyw snipe. its like the least known clyw lol.

I’ve owned a lot of CLYW thows, The GE that I traded was one the most regretful trades ever. I bought it’s big brother the Cliff and wasn’t impressed compared to the GE ( I prefer my H5). There are very few GE’s out in the wild and I doubt the Lodge will ever do another run. I’m pretty sure that Adam Brewster (correct me if I’m wrong) suggested that it also could end up being one of the most collectible CLYW’s.

They just did their second run…about a year after the first. There aren’t a whole lot of them.
I personally love them. Very good H shape. Sturdy, smooth as butter, and good spin times. It tends to play on the slow side, but it will go where you want it to.

I like the ge more than the cliff but to be honest I didn’t like the cliff.

If you give me a day or two I can write up a full in depth review but I love my Glacier Express. It is in my top 3 most played with CLYW throws. Yeah, I’d say for me it goes Avalanche, Chief, Glacier Express. The Glacier Express is very unique but it works like a charm. It’s kind of similar to a smaller, somehow beefier, less floaty Cliff but it’s more smooth and fluid at the same time. I have a Twisted Trifecta bearing in my Lemon Glacier Express and it purs and hums…oh man. The bearing resonates very uniquely because of the shape of the throw and I love it. Yes, it is a very unique and unusual shape, but when I am playing it I’m not sure why I ever put it down.

So maybe a full review isn’t necessary but I think if you purchase one you should be happy. It is expensive and it is a little bit of a risk because of its abnormal design but I think it’s worth the risk. I truthfully love mine.

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Please, do a review. I’ve not got the journalistic skills to do it myself. This a good thread givin’ it all some GE love. I’m a bit biased on YYR these days but I’d love to play a GE again, it’s (a synonym is a word that you can use when you can’t spell the other one) in the top three of CLYW’s’ history.