Has anyone used Yoyorecreation Strings?

I was looking to buy some strings from Spingear actually, the fat sochi I m looking for is out of stock in 100strings, and buying in 10 packs is just waste of money. So I was looking for someone who has used yoyorecreation strings and could compare it with Sochi, OT, Kitty and stuff. Thanks for ur help.

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If you like bulk string have you tried sochi T?

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I’ve used them quite a bit and I like them. I don’t think they’re unique in any way, but I would easily choose it over kitty. Solid option if you like poly string.


The only string I have ever tried is Project 44. Being far from the yoyo centres of the world doesnt give me many options.

How would u describe the whipping feel? Is it more whippy or less whippy than kitty?

More, but I mean it’s poly string, so it’s not like wooly nylon whippy. I don’t know what string I’ve ever used that’s less whippy than kitty after 2 minutes of play.


Where you located? I’m in Japan I can send you some stuff

I m located in India. Spingear is prolly my best bet at buying yoyos and stuff coz the shipping is cheaper than rewind, like way cheaper. I m just worried about customs. Do u have any idea how to make customs cost less or no customs at all?

Fair enough lol. Thnx for ur help.

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Yeah firstly the YYR strings are longer than kitty or sochi and pre knotted which is really cool IMO. They wear out about as fast as kitty IMO also but I much prefer them as the whip is just a little more present but only a little again IMO.

Sochi T is a phenomenal string but slightly more expensive than the YYR. It lasts a little longer, a little softer on the hand, plays about the same IMO.

good luck with customs friend that can be a pain.

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I used the YYR Poly Normal when I was ordering from them more often. Loved em


Sochi T isnt an option for me coz I m limited to Spingear. Anyways thank u for answering.

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Hearing a lot of positive stuff about them. I m convinced now that they r great. Thanks for answering

I fail to see how you could be disappointed. YYR only make fantastic things.