Has anyone tried the 2Sick Fianchetto?

I’ve only been able to find one review for it online.

Please be aware it’s in the “vaguely pocketable throw” category, so it is a bit undersized in diameter and width, but I like mine a lot. It also comes with an alternate axle and slim bearing for responsive play, which is how I have mine set up.

I guess it’s more like a 2010 throw because those tended to be quite a bit smaller. So if you have any older throws from that era, you’ll probably like the Fianchetto a lot too.


My favorite yoyos right now are the Punchline and General Yo Essence. I spent a while last night making a spreadsheet of all my yoyo’s dimensions so I can more easily compare my currents and prospective buys.

I’m coming to realize that most of the throws I like the most are sub 54mm in diameter. When I throw my Ting (58mm) and Grasshopper X (56.3mm), it feels like they leave my hand wrong. Like they come out at an angle.

The Fianchetto is 55mm, so closer to my preferred diam, but it would definitely be the slimmest yoyo I own. Thank you for the feedback.

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Also a search produces good results :wink: