What diameter do you prefer and why?

Ok so I prefer a smaller yoyo. 52x42 is ideal. I’ve found with bigger dia yoyos I have trouble being consistent on some tougher chopstick tricks. Too wide gives me problems too. Now I do like a fullsized dia. For 5a. I wanna know what you guys like and why.

I’m experimenting right now. I like the slightly over-sized, in this case a DM2. I don’t have a whole lot to compare with, but it has a good feel in my hand, as it in seems to “fit”. But, I like to use my Aoda Little Guy to help me fine tune tricks. I’ve got all sorts of things on an other ready to go with all sorts of sizes so it should be a good sampling of things to try out. Plus, I’m going to place another order for some other items next month, but chances are those will be metals so not a whole lot going to be in that box.

For me, starting out, I think the slightly bigger design is helping me land tricks and build skills


I may have large man hands, but anything over 52 is just uncomfortable.

around 50 was my best choice for the 6 first months, then came the code 1

now I’m open to anything, maybe I prefer larger throws for 5A but I don’t really care (my main 5A throw atm is my markmont.next which is 50)

Probably 54mm. This is because it is big without out being huge. It is the most comfortable for me because it really has a presence in your hand without feeling like the yoyo is too darn big.

56 for the most part. I go for all stability. There are a few exceptions though. The littlest yoyo I have though is 53mm atm, and I think that is too small.

55 to 57 cuz i like large yoyos

I like ~DM2 or Protostar/Northstar size for 1a & 5a. I like Big Ben size for 4a.

Hmm… 56.

I used to be an undersized fan, but now I like bigger yoyos, just cuz of stability and ease of use