Has anyone made a "yoyoboard"?


I have an old wall display (holds like 50 yo-yos in foam) but I was looking for something new and fun, and came across these : http://www.yoyoboards.com/?page_id=534

Has anyone made something like this themselves? I really love the clock idea but it doesn’t seem to be for sale anywhere (I found the regular “boards” at some international stores). Seems like it’d be a pretty simple build if you could find the pegs somewhere.


:o :o :o
No, but now I will. Probably next weekend.


And now I need one of these…


No but i want one now!!! :-X


That clock one, but with the WERRD TIME SERIES!


I made one myself. Check it out on my instagram @deanhorneck

I tried to upload it, but its not working. It holds 12 yoyo’s and 3 kendamas.


I see what you did there. They just have to add a few more to that series for there to be enough.

I guess you could make an enormous clock and put a Minute at all the minute markings, an Hour in the hour markings, and an 86400 in the center…

That would be a lot of Minutes.

Anyway, I really really really really really really want one of these now.


I think it we could get enough people interested, we could have a custom run made (maybe André could get a YYE edition for the store?).


That would be really cool but they are nowhere to be seen in online stores. I will probably try to make one


Kind of, I used a 3d printer to make wall mounts for my yoyo collection (this is a little old, there’s a fourth row after I bought too much at Triple Crown): http://i.imgur.com/RBGQHB9.jpg


I talked to Andre and it’s far too cost prohibitive to import and sell these, no one would buy them at the necessary cost. Looks like building our own is the only option.


Not very complicated to make… perhaps if I get some free time this summer.