YoyoExpert Themed Pop Art Clock


A few weeks ago I made a really cool YYF clock for a contest they were having on their Facebook page. It turned out really nice, I won the contest, and another clock is on the way to them right now. After I finished it I wanted to make another yo-yo related clock, so I looked at the different company logos and decided to make a YoyoExpert themed one. It turned out real nice also. Not sure if I’m going to hold on to it or trade it yet, but love how it looks on the wall. I thought this would be the appropriate place to show it off.

-James Buffington




Any time is a good time to yoyo.


that… is… AWESOME!!!


Thats amazing. What is the outside of the clock made of?




nice :slight_smile:

(Y yo?2 yo.) #8

Look at the dates people. :frowning: