Has anyone herd of the Relic?

I was surfing YoYoNation and was looking at the K-os 'cause I might buy one. I randomly looked at the K-os Extreme to see the difference, and read tha th HG yoyos would be discounted including the SpinFactor HG and Relic. I suddely though, “Relic?”. So I did a quick search and found this!
Anyone tried/have these? They look interesting for 2A.

it’s a good 2a yo-yo. obviously, they aren’t making any more due to its hg construction, but i thought it was a pretty strong looper, although no “better” than modded raiders, loop 720s, or even sunsets imo.

Yes, they are amazing. Peferct weight, a bit small. I’ve tried one at A2Z. Jack has one he let me use.

They stopped making them a long time ago, so they would probably be in a B/S/T. Mainly YYN’s.

I’ve never seen/heard of them in B/S/Ts.

It seemed interesting due to it being a HG looper.

Actually I think my friend picked one up a few years ago a little bit after I got my Spinfaktor and he used that for looping so it must have been fine. Who knows where it is now, but the HG material (carbon fiber right?) is very nice and durable.

relics are awesome looping yoyos.
I still throw them every once and a while.

snappy and quick, not too heavy, if you are interested in double A play, try and pick up a pair of these if you can!