Has anyone ever tried to clean a YYJ Small bearing?

(Johnny T) #1

Has anyone ever tried to clean a YYJ Small Bearing. What are the conclusions? Is it successfull or failed? Did you still need to lube it?


Very successful. I cleaned an Aquarius bearing (and lubed it by a very tiny amount) and it worked great afterward.

(Jerry) #3

Are you still trying to clean and lube your sunsets? :o
Well, the only problem about your sunset is that the bearing won’t come out but maybe Yoshi loosened them when you asked him to clan them but the bearings wouldn’t come out. . . :wink:
Or you can just buy another bearing. And yes Johnny I changed my name from its honza to Jerry…


Samad speaks the truth. It would just be like cleaning any other bearing.

If you can’t get a bearing out, you might not be squeezing hard enough.