Has anyone else had the same experience?

(Connor) #1

I recently made a YoYoNation account. I was cruising around the forums making a post here and there, occasionally making a thread or two. I noticed that some if not most of the users there can be very rude and somewhat prejudice. Its a great forum but the users of it could use some working on. If I had to pick 3 words to describe the users, those words would be: Rude,Prejudice, Difficult. In my experience there are about 10 users on that forum that are helpful and kind. Other than that the rest of the members are just obnoxious and have a “im better than you” and “your just a noob” attitude about things. Has anyone else noticed this? Or do they just do this to me? :-\ :-[ ??? >:( :frowning: >:(


dude i had the same felling that’s why i like YYE better. later.


Seriously, though, sometimes, YYN can be just…bothersome. It really pisses me off how people feel so open to flaming. even though it is against the rules, they just say “stop whining baby, its the internet” seriously, it makes me just want to say “SHUT THE POOP UP!” Yeah…I say poop, lolz.

If anyone wants to be a retard on the interwebs, just go to j0j0chan

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Well, Im glad im not alone on this matter! :). GO YYE! :smiley:


This is just the beginning, as André said

dun dun dun!!!



Hey guys,

Lets stay away from “bashing” other people’s sites, etc.

Lets keep this forum professional.


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Ok, sorry Andre. I was just curious if that happened to anyone else. :-[ :frowning: