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So recently I’ve noticed a few members (not mentioning any names) who just seem to always go against everyone else and try to pretend that they are better, richer, etc. I know this is an all age forum so you will always have different maturity levels. I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed this.

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Pretty much any community you can possibly think of will have one or many that will assume a guise of superiority over everyone else.

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I notice it all the time

Yes I know but it seemed like all of that had gone away in the last few months, and now it’s back.

Everyone is an elitist it seems. Or at the very least a contrarian. Or perhaps a contrarian elitist.
Going against the public opinion purely to be contrary to everyone else, or because they believe they are better than everyone else so they are contrary to our puny opinions.
It’s really quite irritating.

I am better than you guys because I have many throws. :wink:

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My feelings exactly.
And I’m a nicer guy all around.


Why are you guys talking about me?

I guess I see it a lot but it doesn’t bother me to much.

I hate elitists. I’m so much better than those people.

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I haven’t really noticed that much. unless I am one of those people and I’m just not self aware… ::slight_smile:

am i one of those people?

My thoughts exactly…



I haven’t been posting much lately and I usually try to keep it cool. But I have a really dry sense of humor and I understand that I can come across this way sometimes when I’m just trying to be funny.

Maybe these people are the same way?

I’m brutally honest. I’ll tell you the truth and you probably won’t like it. I also suffer from somewhat of a superiority complex, as well as low self-esteem. I’m also sarcastic as heck. But I love to mess around and will make a joke out of nearly anything.

If you have a problem with someone, message them about it. Don’t make a passive aggressive post whining about them.


I wasn’t whining. I’ve just started to notice it more and I wasn’t sure if it was just me or not. Like I saw in one of Brett’s videos. Yoyoing isn’t about aggressive competition. No one is better than anyone else. It’s all about fun.

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

You have been proven wrong.

Smacks you with a dictionary

People will generally post things on a message board that they would never say to a stranger in real life. It’s also impossible to understand someones tone of voice when reading their words. What might be a completely innocent comment may be taken by others as inflammatory.
Just do what I do. If someones comments consistently annoy you, just keep a mental note when browsing the BST threads and avoid them.

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I just chill yo. Nuffin wrong with chillin. I think everybody should chill. Chillins pretty chill.