Harrison Hurrican Chiks "Surprise Accident"

(2Sick Joey) #1


“Surprise Accident”!!!

That is Classic!



Haha, quite a coincidence ::slight_smile:

(kclejeune) #3

I guess they use the same people for ano work?

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You guys don’t read into this stuff more then the literal meaning. What is a “surprise accident”? Want to know my theory!

My theory is one drop made that colorway on the chik and CLYW seen that and complained to OD about stealing their colorway (they do this often). They seem to think they own rights to like every colorway ever. So in order for OD to avoid drama they made some type of deal with CLYW. Why else would is be a “surprise accident”? Would one drop make an edition for a member on a different team on purpose? I wouldn’t think so so there must be some behind the scenes stuff with CLYW complaining to OD. Since CLYW owns the rights to every color in the rainbow of course they would go offer OD.

Of course this is the conspiracy theorist in me but I have the hunch this what went down.


Oh, I assumed, since the use the same anodizers (I’m pretty sure they do…) that the guy anoing messed up. So then they were like, oh crap, well we can’t just scrap them. So they talked to Harrison and Chris and they were chill about it. That’s what I thought happened. Haha


They were going to be pollock chiks, which just happened to be Harrison’s new color way. One drop had done this color before on the burnside and I believe the code 2 as well


Ok think about it this way. We all know that in 2 to 3 years Harrison will most likely be up there for the world title and don’t deny it. He has talent. Major talent. He could eventually be up in a class with someone like Yuuki Spencer. I think Chris has realized this and so have many other people. If you accidentally make a Harrison Hurricane color your going to be “forced” to send Harrison some and you get the rest. While this doesn’t sound like David and Shawn you never know. It could be Chris just trying to spoil the kid. Like seriously unless they just suddenly realized they made the EXACT color how would have Chris known until they were released? Well just my theories.

After Charles sig and when Yuuki joins the team at worlds (just my suspicion) and gets his own sig if he ends up on the team I think Harrison gets his own sig.

Or it could just be what the guy above me said. Probably that. But Pollock is black and blue.

Also the blog says they agreed to make this Harrsions honorary color so maybe moreHarrsion Hurricanes to come from One Drop.



This is it. The Pollock Edition and Harrison Hurricane are the exact same.


yay I was right :smiley:


I’m not very official though I jus agree with. You. It all adds up.


Actually this is not quite true, the Pollack has black in the splash along with the dark blue. HH is dark and light blue.

I own one of the Pollack Summits shown above. It is my favorite OD colorway… and I want the Pollack Chik that they show on their Flickr page.

If I remember correctly, One Drop lets the retailers pick the colors and whether they want splashes, acid washes, or just solid colors. I honestly think this was a simple accident on YYE’s end when they requested the colors.

On a side note, here is the Pollack Chik… damn that is smooth looking.

(kclejeune) #12

MUST. HAVE. POLLOCK. SUMMIT. That thing is sexy…


I have one. It actually looks like a white yo-yo with black splash. The blue is not noticeable because of how dark it is.

(kclejeune) #14

I know, it still looks amazing IMO :smiley:


Honest accident by YYE. When we do custom orders of YoYos, our retailers pick the colors. Andre, with all the awesomeness happening in his life(about to become a father, running a successful yoyo store and probably a lot of things) ordered a run of “Blue and Light Blue Splash on Clear”. It happens.


Ha, gotta love people getting all worked up over absolutely nothing at all.


This is quite accurate. One Drop, CLYW, G-Squared, and many others use Gruntbull Anodizing out of Ohio for their splash and acid work. The have a proven track record for providing awesome work on a large scale. I have friends here in Ohio that also use them for paintball gun customization.

I thought that was what David has told me in the past about the custom colorways for store. Seeing as how Andre is about ready to be a proud papa I am not surprised the mistake happens. It is a crazy time for new parents, so many things that you have to think about and plan for.


I agree that whatever it is…it is no big deal. To my knowledge, CLYW has a good relationship with OD, and they both have a good relationship with YYE. So, as far as I’m concerned, I accept “surprise accident,” as no big deal at all. Just some unidentified minor error, and it does not matter on whose part the error was made. No one involved is bent out of shape, so that is all that matters. I’m thinking same as you…everything is cool.

(2Sick Joey) #19

What makes making the exact colorways an “error”? Does CLYW own the right to each colorway they make? There are only a certain amount of colorways possible and its bound to happen at some point. So since we know it wasn’t CLYW to OD, my suspicions are CLYW to YYE then. YYE is a business and as so they pay less and mark up the price, completely understandable. However do you think they would give CLYW money or other royalties for everyone just out of the kindness of their hearts? I highly doubt so and I think CLYW seen the Colorway and complained to YYE that they stole Harrison’s colorway and demanded some type of royalties. It makes complete sense to me and something I believe CLYW would do. Just makes no sense to me why they would give away and make less money based on some colors. Theres more to this then just a “surprise accident”.