Harlem Shake GT

Yeahhhh… ummm dont really know what to say about this one

Hahaha thanks for making me giggle man… Goodtimes ! :wink:

No prob haha!!

Sick tricks, broski!
I couldn’t help noticing the Superwide box on your desk in the background. How do you like yours?

Hate it, Its got bubble wrap on the inside ready to be shipped off to a bud for his B day. I just don’t like the wideness haha got it in the mystery box or bag

oh haha I LOVE my superwide! But I guess it’s a personal opinion, huh? Some people hate wideness and some people (like me) love it.

yep its not a bad throw, I don’t believe in bad throws haha its all preference, I pretty much only toss onedrops and I just got a cascade thinking it would blow my socks off, as you can see Im still using the CODE 1 haha

Awesome video man

yeah I want a Cascade sooo much! I think OneDrop is epic, and wider throws are my number one, so the Cascade looks like a must have for me. You didn’t like yours?

I don’t get this whole Harlem Shake phenomenon, but I dig your trick. Any chance for a tut?

sure thing ill make it tomorrow

I don’t hate it I can not really say that about any throw I have, just not my style I guess. Its a fat bell shape and I like the code 1 since its thin, Just preference thats all haha!

yup yup. It’s all about preference in the world of throwing!

Well i found Code1 to be much more stable, have longer spin times, better at horizontal and overall better player, but i prefer Cascade because it more fun to play with :slight_smile: I agree about the preferences

When I got the Superwide, I didn’t care for it at all…except with Eli Hops. EZMODE lol.

In regards to your video, It made me laugh, and also impressed me. I’ve watched a few of your vids now and it just seems like you are getting much more confident with the yoyo. Smooth tricks man!