Hardest struggle?

Over the years you have made a bunch of great things. What was the biggest struggle you have faced over the years with creating a brand such as one drop?


Wouldn’t call it a struggle per se, but selling the idea that “Made in Eugene” in our own factory with our own hands has value is perhaps the Prime Challenge we face. The market and our competitors have moved more and more to sourcing and our existence is dependent on you guys appreciating that difference. So far so good - we are so lucky :slight_smile: Thank you to everyone who supports us.


That’s awesome!!

I live in Central Oregon, so OD is my go to company to purchase since they’re good AND local :slight_smile:

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It’s honestly one of the best things about One Drop and partly why it’s my favourite yoyo company. It’s really fantastic to see people turning away from outsourcing (which is so common today). It does a good job of displaying that a company really cares about their product and is committed to creating the best product they can with profits being a secondary goal.