Happy Mountain String

UPDATED [5/20/15]: Hello, everyone! My name is Felipe, and currently, me and my friends have opened up a shop called Happy Mountain Strings! We currently have two types of strings, both at $6.50 for 5 strings. It sounds like a lot of money for a low amount of strings, but due to us being a new company and all, we need the resources to be able to make a lot of strings at once.

UPDATED [5/20/15]: You can find our website using Google and searching up “Happy Mountain Strings” or go to our instagram: @happymountainstudios. This website shows our team members, pictures of our products, a blog, and a contact form. Use the contact form whenever you want to tell us your suggestions for improving our products or website, or you can send your business / personal inquiries using the form.

NOTE: Colors may vary due to monitor’s saturation settings as well as the lighting used in the photos, and product may turn out a bit different from normal colors.

Our first product is Hayden Daniel’s unnamed signature string. The string is very whippy, and holds up well when playing with it for a long time. The string is a colored mix of yellow and white, yellow being the dominant color. This improves the visibility of the string against dark backgrounds while still keeping its bright / neon yellow look.

Our second product is Daniel Yustana’s “Yellow Snow” signature string. The string is bouncy, whippy, and holds up great slacks all at once. This is a product we’re proud of as well. The string is a colored mix of yellow and white, both being even in dominance. We named this string from the colors alone, not from any other of the characteristics. This string also holds up well for a long time, allowing long-term usage of a single string. This string is a bit less “neon” and more “solid”.

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Congrats! Hope all goes well. You should do some sample packs so people can test and help you get the word out. Good luck!

Good Luck with your business man!

Hey Guys , Big update, I will be at texas states and will not only have testers but also some string to sell while i am there. PM me if u want some testers or if you would like to buy :slight_smile:


How long are these?

We haven’t measured these, sorry, but they’re a bit longer than standard kitty string. These strings come pre-knotted (but not pre-tied for self adjustment). You can include special instructions with your Etsy purchase, I believe, and you can tell us if you want it pre-tied or not.

Great thanks, I’m not sure how long most strings are, but I use longer/shorter than kitty as a measurement so that works.

I ordered a tester pack, super excited to try Happy Mountain :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for the support!

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How do I get some of this?

Check out our Etsy shop! It can be found on our website using the shop button :slight_smile:

Wow, you’re strings are expensive.

We’re not looking to be the cheapest. We only have 1 person that can handle the string-making right now, and it’s done all by hand with a ‘ghetto’ rig. We can only make 5 at a time right now, and with school happening and only 1 person handling the string-making, we can’t exactly afford to be a bit cheaper. We do hope to lower prices in the future, though.

New rig coming in the next week and also lowering prices to 7.50 a 10 pack!! :o No more Ghetto Rig!!! :smiley: But still super duper long and same quality ;D

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Does it cost extra for custom string?