Happy Mothers Day !!!


Shout out to Moms everywhere who without a Yo never would have touched our Hands !
Shout to My Mom of course …And then my Wife (Best YoYo Mom ever) All the Moms from A2Z Players and all the Moms who travel to World’s and all the other contests all over the World. And can’t forget Andre’s wife Devon who is a new Mom and is doing great. Thank you for your support and loving care throughout our life’s. We have made many hard knots in the string of life but you always manage to untangle them and get us on the right path to throw again . May God hold you in the palm of his hand .

(Erik Kerber ) #2

Happy mothers day yoyo mom’s.

I loike my yoyo mom she lets me take out loans from her whenever I want a new yoyo. I can just be like hey mom I want this yoyo I’ll pay you back. And she says yes almost all the time. (Almost) :smiley:


Thank you!