Hammy98s string review!

Here’s what I thought of his string.
String reveiw
Thick and smooth Yoyo string review
Found it very bouncy and definitely smooth. However I do not recommend it for fast play due to it’s thickness I got string burn. And my fingers were red. However for slack tricks it is awesome it keeps it’s tension easily. Plus it nice an in control with slacks when doing it the string I find moves very slow which is great when learning something. Also If he ever puts his string up for sale his string is extremely long if you take up the style torquinet this is the string to get it’s taller that me!

Review of the type 6 string
I found this string has little to no bounce at all this string was definitely meant for fast technical play by how I was able to manipulate it. The string however is harder to land slacks with because of its thinness I was unable to do a laceration bind but instead I have to do slap binds in order for me to get it back to my hand. If I were recommending this string I would only recommend this to advance players who like doing fast technical play over people who like doing slacks due to the string being thin and moving very fast. As for string length I couldn’t be happier with the length if you might be considered a “giant” all of hammy 98s strings are meant for you!

Review of the extra grippy string
this string is slightly thicker than the type 6 the string is grippy and easier to get slacks. This IMO is the halfway for transition of the thick and smooth to the type 6 this string is very similar to the type 6 however it is easier to land slacks so if you have a fast paced slackly movements for your style you might want to consider to try this string!

Overview: overall he keeps his tension throughout his string there is plenty of consistency if he would make a company out of his string I would buy it in a heart beat because he is one of the few to make left handed string which I find opens up a market because when your left hand your string loosening is not fun. I hope to see more string from him at the rate he’s going for making string is see great things from him. Along with all of that the string length is stellar! This string I would recommend if you are taking up any type of style that would require long string.

Thank you very much for the review on the strings! I am planning to put up a post in the BST to sell the strings, and definitely appreciate the review.