Slack Bros String Co. review!

Alright, it’s finally here! My review on the strings Mr. Hammy98 sent me from his string co. “Slack Bro. String Co.”. and SOOOO sorry for not having it sooner!

Now to the review!:

For the “type K” string:
It was very flowy! not to fast, not to slow, I feel it provided an excellent middle-ground suitable for learning, or casual play. It also wasn’t to “stiff” which made it excellent for when you don’t want string burns

Type L:

It felt thin to me. which is not bad 1 bit! I felt it was a bit slower than expected, but again would provide a great ground to learn some more complicated tricks. Also would be good for yoyos with smaller gaps

Type M:

I can’t say this string was my “favorite”, but it had qualities that are certainly worthy of mentioning. it was thicker, and a bit rougher. I’d use it for string tricks mainly, but it was able to pull off whips and slacks too. It was a bit stiff, but that opened up a way to land tricks in such a way as to comprehend each move.

Also for all the strings, they all came really long! this was awesome, because it assured it wouldn’t be to short right off the bat. So that’s a wonderful reassurance with the strings.

And that, is my review! Excellent work on Hammy’s part, I hope his business prospers, he certainly make great string, and I hope to see all the great things he could come up with!

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Mine still haven’t arrived yet

I sent them out Wednesday, and snail mail usually takes around 3-10 days. Legyoyo was apart of my first group of string testers, which is why he has received strings already. You should receive your’s soon, and if you do not, PM me, and we can sort it out. I will make sure you receive your strings.

I’d suggest pm’ing hammy about that, something might have happened while going through the usps

*never mind. Posted while hammy posted that^ :smiley: