halo vs DiBase?

Title says all. Which one plays better? I’ve played the dibase, but not the halo.

I’m interested in both of these myself and will probably end up purchasing both.

What are your impressions with the DiBase? I’m more interested in this one. I like the shape and stuff with that general shape seems to work well for me.

Have not tried the DiBase, but I really liked the Halo. Felt similar to the Bassline, which is one of my favorite yoyo’s. But I tend to like rounded shaped yoyo’s like that. Comfortable, smooth, easy to move around, not too fast, and fits my more relaxed playing style.

Although the DiBase looks really nice. 52mm, not too light. Looks like a little more rounded version of the ILYY Void. Would love to try one sometime.

both are good

Di Base , affordable price metal yoyo with weight ring to suit your personal play style.
Halo , good price derlin yo with CT bearing , just put string and you can start for yoyoing .

I’ve since gotten a DiBase. I like this one a lot. While I like heavier yoyos, I have not used the weight rings in this yet. I see no need to.

What company makes the Halo?