Halloween yoyo video!

A celebration of Halloween through yoyoing! Sorry audio isn’t up yet :-[.

If it wasn’t for the insane mask I would have thought it was a Christmas Video! ;D

Really nice job, but too many lacerations IMO. Keep it up!

I’m being a Jack-in-the-box for Halloween. 8)

;D Thanks! Laceration is my standard getting-into-trapeze trick lol so I guess i do use 'em a bit too much.

sweet video love the mask! ;D

Thanks! I may make a version 2 later (got lots of masks) 8)

just some criticism here:
i liked the video but really you over did it with the lacerations.
then you seemed to just do individual tricks. they were great don’t get me wrong but try to mix 'em up more get some cmobos going and it’ll look a lot better. also work on your speed.
(just a personal thing try to use bright string to make it appear more. the white string with dark background is good but orange or yellow or even green would look a lot cooler and go better with the halloween theme

Hahaha i use the neon highlights string, so not much i can do there. And mabey in V2 of halloween yoyo vid I can use longer combos. Just hard to pull off with a kickside :-[

it’s just practice. get a strong throw and perform the combos fast. the combos don’t have to be ubder long a mix of 3 or 4 tricks is fine. try getting in more styles if you can 2

I was going to do 4a but i couldnt set camera up in basement (i’ll try harder in next vid) And i think i’ll start working on soem combos now. Thanks for your advice! :wink:

there are many topics here were people post their own combos. you can try searching for those and changing them up a little to make 'em more original.

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