Halloween: My First Video :)


nice tricks, but music…:stuck_out_tongue: i know it is suppose to be halloween video but for it just doesnt suit yoyo video :slight_smile: how long have u been throwing?

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I have been throwing for two years, but i took two long breaks during that time.

I see what you’re saying.

Is the music really that bad?

nice trowing ! I actually dig the music :stuck_out_tongue:


Is the string orange? Can’t tell… If so, is this because of Halloween? If not, I’d suggest using some brighter string (white,yellow,green) which would be much more visible in front of your black shirt.

The music isn’t bad, just doesn’t go along with the ‘Halloween Theme.’ ;D

Great first video and keep it up, bud!

I for one absolutely love the music and am a HUGE supporter of Mr. Bones Wild Ride.

I have to say, I like the music.
It just doesn’t fit the yoyoing.

The music was ok because it fits the theme of the video. However, was that some linkin park almost at the end? lol

Yep, it was TINFOIL…

I needed some filler, and don’t listen to much in the way of instrumentals. :smiley:

yeah thats cool man, love linkin park ;)!