first video, nothing fancy

Don’t be too harsh on me, I love yoyos but I haven’t always kept up with it, I’m getting back into it, and have been enjoying it.

first off, i would like to say that the ref made a fair call, and that the guys knee never hit the ground. my friend wont shut up about that.

ok back to yoyoing. try putting it to music. you basically want as many sense stimulated at once, which would probably be only hearing and seeing. but you want it to be a lot more different interesting scenery, and a song that goes with your style. because you are renew, you still have to develope a style, but that will come with time. also, the lighting was poor. you wore a black sweater which is ideal actually, but the yellow wall and the lighting made it hard to see the string. you want the string to be fairly defined.

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it!

ya it was a good game, heartbreaking, but a great season.