video in reunion island !

hello, as i got a gift from  fench nats i HAD to do a thank you video !

and here it  is using al the yoyos they sent me “stock”.

nothing incredible and i think quality is really bad … any tips to help me to make more  clear vids??

The quality isn’t really that bad. You just need to drop that white clothing, because the string is invisible while wearing white. No matter what color your string is.

The tricks were awesome though, really awesome.

Welcome to the forums!

thank you ahah i try to be on internationals yoyo forums and this one seems really cool with gentle persons!

i’m making a new video for a contest ^^ catch it up

Great to have you here. We do have some very kind people here and it’s great that you chose this forum because of that.

Really looking forward to more videos from you.

Wow! Amazing! I was a Paul Han Laceration in the video! Nice!!! I never could get that. Could you make a tutorial?

Awesome video Snake! Oh, and nice hair!

Happy Throwing! =]

i discovered this trick by watching the tutorial ! it’s not that complicated but as usual smoothness changes everything !

(oh and thanks for my hairs lol  everybody joke me about that ahah )

Great video loved the DM caps on you glasses ;D

That Laceration is crazy.

The music is good, too. :wink:

the music sounds like metallica

it is! ahah