Halloween Sale Choice: Colossus IV or OG Windrunner?

I’m down to two candidates for my Halloween sale buy:

  • OG Windrunner
  • Colossus IV

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These both hit what I seem to favor specs wise, in my limited experience, although the weight distribution seems pretty different. If I’m missing something in the price range with similar specs, feel free to make another suggestion!
Thanks in advance!


I don’t want to vote as I’ve not played either of these!
Another you might consider is the TopYo Selene for $35. I’ve heard good things about this one too…but again, it’s another I haven’t played personally.


WOAH! I just noticed that Shutters (not the wide angles) are on sale for $30 right now!!


Yeah, that’s a pretty screamin’ deal on the Shutter. I just gotta get over how much I dislike the graphics. Which I may do, since the 15% seems to work on it, and I doubt there’s a better deal out there.
Also the Selene looks pretty good, and I like TopYo. I actually like the Colossus 'cause it kind of looks like a smaller META, which I have and like.




Oops! Sorry pmdon; I obviously suggested something out of your price range

Good luck deciding.

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But that costs twice as much as he’s looking to spend.

Well, the poll ended up a tie, if I exclude my vote, so I’ve got some thinking to do. Thanks, everyone!

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