Half & Half Benchmarks?


Has anyone gotten something like a Benchmark H and V and switched halves to see what the play was like? Or any other combinations like V+O or O+H? I’d personally think they would make pretty unique 3A pairs (even though YoYoJoker owned by Daisuke Shimada did this back in 2010)


i dunno about SE models or w/e but when i used to take my Czm8 and put it on my old Y factor XD i loved it, felt funny, messed up the axle abit, but it was fun feeling…i always try with new throws


1/2 CZM8 and YFactor haha that sounds so fun and wierd. I’m curious about the benchmark thing though since the only other time this was actually done on purpose was by YoYoJoker.

I also remember that Kevin Nicholas used to use 1/2 Genesis 1/2 Supernova for his freestyles which sounds awesome


I’ve done the same with my CZM8 and Shutter. Same axle so there’s no worries about screwing it up, and it was pretty stable still because they’re similar sized throws.


I tried my chief and wm2 last night. Boy did it look weird. It was also surprisingly smooth. But I was too worried to leave it like that long :stuck_out_tongue:


Has no one really tried combined benchmarks?


Wasn’t the code 1 1/2 a thing?

Half code 1 half code 2.


How about those of you that want a Summit? Avalanche and Cascade then boom. Done.


You’re the one asking about switching halves on the One Drop Ask.fm huh?!?!


I have heard of a few people say that they have used a half Chief half Canvas and it was surprisingly very smooth, I don’t have a canvas so l can’t try it myself

The benchmark idea sounds promising due to the same weight w same side effects and same diameter, I don’t know if the diff shapes would throw it off but anyone that tries it let me know post results here :slight_smile:


i had a V, traded it off, waiting for my O to come in, so i guess ill have to wait, but ied prefer to try a H and a V together with some ultra lites, so if i get to a benchmark H soon, and a V again :’( ill let you know…maybe my victory and dietz XD XD


Maybe… :wink:


The topic came up before, and I got the impression that it is awkward in the hand, but plays fine that way.