(Owen) #1

new combo. pretty short
enjoy in HD

(velez_adrian) #2

It was cool


Great video. Love the yoyo, I have 2 it’s so nice:D

(Owen) #4

Yeah the Royale W/ Cheese is sooo good.


Nice combo.


Pretty cool looking combo. You should do a tutorial on it for us so we can see the strings you hit when your bouncing it all crazy.


You should call it red shorts 2 lol. You look so determined to make that trick…

(Owen) #8

Haha I am actually working on a redshortsII so you kith see that happening soonish.

And I probably won’t be able to make any tutorials any time soon because I don’t have an actual camera yet. I am pretty close to being able to afford a new one though is you might see some decent tutorials happening in the near future.