haha im on my friends yoyoexpert..

my friend left his yoyoexpert up at school…thanks kendall for leaving it up!!!

your welcome, yoyo1197

haha kendall…dont leave your yoyoexpert up in class!
5th pd science and jeffrey!!!



Youre using someone elses account!!
: D
You must be SOOO AWESOME!

Cause CLEARLY this is such a HUGE life achievement!

I mean GEE, you should go tell the world about this, cause EVERYONE wants to know about this right?




thanks Jeffrey:(

it was just a joke…and no this is not a life a achievement…well wait…it might be…haha… hey kendall if i leave mine up in mrs.hickersons class im sure ull get on mine…so we will be even:) haha

You guys should hack the White House and give yourselves all the moneys in the world.

i tried…didnt work out so well…i guess your not just supposed to walk up in the oval office…they said something like i have to have a pass…but who cares. haha

Hickerson. lol :stuck_out_tongue: